New Draft Plan

Alright, after a summer spent hard at work editing and re-formatting the Bike Walk Central Corridor Action Plan in the oppressive heat, we are breathing in the cool damp air of the fall and present to you the latest version of the plan.  This draft is intended to allow for informal public comment before the City Council public hearing draft is released in late November.  Please contact us with comments or to request a higher-quality print version.  Happy reading!


2 Responses to “New Draft Plan”

  1. Martin Wessendorf Says:

    Hey, folks–
    I’m one of those nuts who use University Avenue on a daily basis for commuting to work, year-round. As the plan notes, a key problem area is the stretch between Prior and Raymond–presently wide, safe and fast but slated to turn into two narrowish lanes with no curb lane. For myself, I anticipate riding University after LRT goes in. I see that the plan contemplates use of signs, both road-side and on the street. I think that using both–and lots of them–is a good idea. As a rider, I need motorists to be hit over the head with the fact that bikes WILL be present and that motorists WILL need to accommodate them. (…I drive as well, so I speak from experience.)
    One special issue in this area is trucks. There are a lot of them–between 280 and Transfer in particular. 99% of truck drivers are GREAT–very careful around bikes. However, the few who aren’t can make life unsafe and scare you half to death. I wonder if it’d make sense to enlist BNSF in directing truck traffic from their facility to use the Cretin/Vandalia exit on I-94. Trucks exiting I-94 could drive just north of University on Vandalia, and then turn east to get onto Transfer. (Alternatively, they could turn east SOUTH of University and catch Transfer that way.) It’d keep many of the tractor-trailer rigs off University. –Just a thought.
    Another key area is just west of Bedford in Minneapolis. The street narrows there already and I’d be interested to know what the plan is. There presently is not room for LRT and 2 lanes of traffic in that little bottleneck.
    Thanks for listening–Martin

  2. Melissa Says:

    Thanks for speaking up, Martin! I’ve been car-free for 16 months now and find life different on foot and by bike than by car. I won’t pretend to know the city as well as others do, but want to make sure that I have a safe way to get around town by bike 3 seasons of the year. There are few dedicated bike lanes in St Paul. I’ve managed; I stop at all lights, signal all my turns and never ride on the sidewalks, and I’ve managed to obtain a lot of respect from drivers. But most bicyclists I encounter break at least one of these rules, often times, probably, for safety reasons.

    I’m glad the city’s thinking about these things, but they’re far behind Minneapolis in trying to improve the bikability of the city.

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